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All site rules will be strictly enforced.  The Event waiver must be signed by each individual who participates and can be found here.

Breaking site rules or engaging in disruptive behavior will cause the offender to be evicted from the event.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is policy to not post maps to the site on the Internet. We do not wish to make it difficult for new and old members to find us, however our site is private property, and we have to be careful to protect access for the owners who graciously allow us use of it.

The autocrat, who's name and contact information are provided on the event page when there is an event coming up, is happy to provide directions, copies of event announcements, etc., to anyone who asks. It is part of their job! Be sure to allow plenty of time to get directions, as they will likely be out at the site much of the time prior to the event  if you waited that long to ask, you are unlikely to get any help this way).

Note: The land owner asks that we stay away from the front of the property where is family resides.  

Site Rules:


·        If you open a gate, close it behind you.

·        Do not agitate any animals.

·        Do not kill or attempt to kill any wild animals, although you may kill all the ants you wish.

·        Do not cut down any live trees or their limbs. Do not use nails, bolts, hooks, wire, etc, in any tree.

·        Do not cross fence lines onto any neighbor's property. That will count as trespassing on the neighbor’s property abandonment and will be treated accordingly.

With Regards to Children:

·        Do not leave small children unattended or sleeping in a tent without trustworthy supervision. That will count as child abandonment and will be treated accordingly.

·        Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

With Regards to Pets or other animals:

·        Pets are allowed only with special written permissions from the Drakenfjord Monarch and the Event Autocrat.  When animals are allowed, All pet mammals must have current written proof of rabies vaccination.

·        All pets must be on leashes; no pets shall be allowed to "run free".

·        Pet are not to be left unattended.

·        Horses are allowed only when special permission is obtained or equestrian activities are planned.  When horses are allowed, all horses must have current written proof of negative Coggins test as is required by law.

With Regards to Fires:

·        No fires are allowed if there is a current burn ban.

·        No fire-pits are allowed. Fires on the surface, fire-mounds, fire-rings, and enclosed fireplaces are allowed. Fire-rings and enclosed fireplaces must be movable. If there is a hole or pit in your camp, please fill it in.

·        Deadfall, fallen limbs/trees, may be gleaned anywhere on site. However, the bonfire stack, the kitchen woodpile, and any "private" camp woodpiles are private use only.

·        All woodpiles must be neatly stacked between two trees or posts, on a rack and off the ground. Use bricks, concrete blocks, or treated timbers to elevate your woodpile. This helps discourage vermin and rot.

·        Absolutely no cans, bottles, or other non-combustibles are to be put in fires.

·         Do not burn plastics or other objects that produce toxic smoke.

·        Excessively large fires in campsites are not allowed. ("Excessively large" means a stack of firewood wider than four feet and higher than three feet.)

·        A minimum of four feet of cleared space is required around fire area, unless you have an enclosed fireplace.

·        All tiki type torches need to be placed a minimum of three feet beyond their "falling distance" to the nearest tent.

·        No unattended candles or other sources of flame in tents.

·        A fire extinguisher or equivalent must be in camp and in plain sight, if you have a fire. Equivalent means a minimum of a shovel and a bucket or container (minimum 5 gallons) of sand or water.

With Regards to Trash:

·        All trash must be removed at the end of each event. If you hauled it in...haul it out.  This includes cigarette buts.

With Regards to Alcohol, Taverns and other Merchants:

·        Merchants and Tavern-keepers, shall set up their facilities in the area within the Commons set aside for that purpose.

·        Merchant spaces are provided via the autocrat prior to the event. 

·       Taverns will not serve alcohol. Taverns may serve food and non-alcoholic drink only.

·        Fermented and other beverages are allowed in period containers only, please.

·         All Taverns & Merchant booths must be temporary and packed up after each event.

·        All gatherings where alcohol is served shall strictly comply with the laws of the State of Texas, and of the United States.

·        Alcohol may only be given away by individuals or households in the confines of their "private" campsites.

·        Absolutely no money will change hands before, during, or after the gathering for the dispersal of home brewed alcohol of any kind.

·        There shall be no sale for the dispensing of legally purchased alcohol.

·        All individuals hosting or serving alcohol at a gathering automatically assume all liability for the results of serving alcohol.

With Regards to Claimed Camps:

·        Do not camp in a claimed camp area without the permission of the camp representative.

·        To establish a "Private" Individual /Household /Fighting Company Campsite ask the Land Liaison, Lady Demonica, to assist you in finding an unclaimed space.

·        Permanent fences or ground level barriers that interfere with mowing and spraying are not allowed.

·        All structures and equipment in camps must be portable.

·        All chairs, tables, garbage cans, etc, must be removed from site after each event.

·        All camps are to be maintained (mowed, raked, and cleared of dead-fall) a minimum of once per year.

·        Each individual or group utilizing a campsite is responsible for its upkeep. 

·       If the camp is not maintained at least once per year, then that individual or group may lose the privilege of having a claimed Campsite. 

         ·       Work days / weekends will be arranged throughout the year. Contact the Land Liaison for dates to come up           
             and work on the site.



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